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Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

The GATOR Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


This guide is the GATOR Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  If you have a question that is not covered on this page please contact us at

Why is our library called the GATOR Library?

Trax, the Gator, is our college mascot, and GATOR Library stands for Global Access to Online Resources.

How much does printing cost?

At this time printing is free, but we ask that you limit your printing to 10 pages if possible. Also, please print or copy pages on both the front and back of the page.

How many pages can I print or copy?

You may print up to ten (10) pages at a time. If you need to print more pages ten, please see your librarian. Also, please print or copy pages on both front and back of the paper.

How do I log in to use library resources? 

You can access the library resources by going to the library website ( from any computer on our college campus sites. To log into library resources off campus, please use your LoLA username and your date of birth (ddmmyy) as the password. If you cannot log in please contact your librarian at or 985.732.6640 ext 122.

Why am I not allowed to copy an entire chapter from my textbook?

Copying more than a set number of pages per book violates copyright law. For more information on copyright please see our policies page. 

What are the library hours?

Library hours are slightly different for each campus.  Please see the individual library location pages for more information. Sullivan; Hammond; or Florida Parishes

Where can I find research help?

For help doing research, you may visit the library in person, email one of our librarians at, call 985.732.6640 ext 122, or view our Research Help Guide. 

How do I reserve Library space for my class or meeting?

To reserve library space for a class or meeting, please email your librarian at  You will need to include the following information: your name, a contact phone number, which campus you are on, and the name of the meeting or reason for the reservation. 

How do I reserve the Library Media Room at the Sullivan Campus?

The Library Media Room is a small private room within the library that can be reserved.  It includes a laptop and SMART board. This room can be reserved by contacting the Sullivan Campus Librarian at