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Annual Report: Year to Year Information

Statistic Information

Statistical Information

    Below is information regarding statistics related to the Learning Commons - Powered by GATOR Library. The statistics include information regarding the number of people using the library, student feedback, usage of each database and website related to the library, and usage of our main discovery service.

The information is obtained in the following ways:

  • The Library Visitors information is obtained by using door counters at each library location
  • The Student Survey Responses is student feedback obtained from a survey students are required to participate in at the end of each semester
  • The Year to Year Comparison information is database and website data obtained from each source through their statistics websites
  • Ebsco Discovery Service is the main search tool used by students and faculty and the usage is obtained from the EbscoAdmin website

Information is updated each semester and can be found in tabs in each separate box.

Library Visitors

The data below displays the number of visitors to each NTCC Campus Learning Commons.

NOTE: Lacombe Campus did not open until Fall 2019

Student Survey Responses

The data below displays the student survey response results.

Ebsco Discovery Service Information

The data below shows information about Ebsco Discovery Service. Ebsco Discovery Service is the library's main search bar for the students and faculty. The box to the right displays the definitions for the different totals. 

Year to Year Comparison

The data below displays the comparison from year to year of all of NTCC's databases.

Ebsco Discovery Services Definitions


Abstract Requests: Counted when a user views detailed record of an article, or hovers over the article preview feature of an article in a result list.

Interface Sessions: This counts the number of times an interface was accessed by an authenticated user.

Regular Searches: Number of searches conducted against a user-selected database where results are returned to the user on the host user interface. The user is responsible for selecting the databases or set of data to be searched. This metric only applies to usage tracked at the database level.

Total Full-Text Requests: Count of total full-text requests that apply to selected report criteria (sum of HTML, PDF, eBook Online, eBook Download, Audiobook, Flipster Online, Flipster Download, Multimedia).

Total Linkout Requests: Count of total Linkout requests that apply to selected report criteria regardless of linkout type (sum of smartlinks, customlinks, times cited).

Total Requests: Count represents all user activity related to retrieving or viewing, or linking out from a record (Sum of total full-text requests, abstract requests, total linkouts).

Total Searches: Count of searches recorded for each database searched during a search click (Regular Searches + Federated and Automated Searches).

All definitions obtained from Ebsco Admin Help Page: