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Bookstore Access

Online Bookstore Manager

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Gator Bookstore
Use this form to reach bookstore managers, Jim Bass and Michelle Guidry.

Bookstore FAQ

  • How can I access the NTCC Bookstore?
  • How do I log in to the bookstore?
    • Students can log in through their LOLA username and password
  • Can I use my financial aid to purchase books?
    • Yes! You will receive bookstore credit that you can then use to purchase your books. All books must be purchased through the bookstore
  • When will my books arrive?
    • Delivery dates vary by vendor. Please plan ahead to ensure that your books are received in time for class.
  • Where will my books be delivered?
    • You should have the option to specify the location of delivery when ordering the books. Please do not send your books to the school!
  • My teacher has listed my textbook as an OER. What does that mean?
    • OER stands for Open Education Resources. Basically, your professor has decided to use a free, open-licensed material instead of a paid textbook. Congratulations! 

For more information, please go to or  the official Bookstore Knowledge Base here or use the Gator Library Chat to speak directly with a Librarian. Be sure to ask for Jim Bass for all bookstore related questions!

Bookstore How-to

Student Ordering Guide