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MSHA: Mine Safety Health Administration

Mine Safety Health Administration


MSHA, or Mine Safety Health Administration, is taught by Jeffery Hodges, on the Florida Parishes Campus.

MSHA is simular to OSHA, but for the Mining Industry. This covers people who will be working in sand and gravel pits, salt mines, the coal industry, and simular fields. Everyone persuing a career in these inductries has to have MSHA Training. 
A person that has not been trained needs to take a class called a New Miner Training, this is a 1 day class for sand and gravel. If you are involved with the gravel and sand industry you need a PT46 New Miner Training or if you have been trained before you need a PT46 Annual Refresher.  After the 1st training you have a refresher every year (a 1 day class).  
If you are going to a plant such a Almatis or Noranda you need a PT 48 New Miner Training (a 3 day class) or PT 48 Annual Refresher (a 1 day class).
These classes must also be taken by contractors that go to these sites. Some of the plants have people that do their own training which must be MSHA approved. MSHA inspectors go to the sites and do inspections.  If your people do not have the proper training, the company will be written up.  Job sites have to run safely.  
Our classes are $60.00 a day per person.  If it is a 3 day class, costs will be $180.
CPR/First Aid classes are also avaliable for $60.00 per day per person.
Information about Mine Safety and Health Administraion regulations can be found at


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