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Adult Education: Choice 1

A guide for students and instructors with the Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC) adult education preparation and testing program.

Upcoming Test Dates

Compass test dates for Sullivan Campus in Bogalusa: Nov 7, 14, & 28. Check-in at 8:15 AM, cost is $20. Spring Registration opens Jan 1 - 17, 2014 with the first day of Spring Term beginning on Jan 21, 2014. If you are currently working towards your GED, discuss with your instructor about taking the Compass test to prepare for Spring Enrollment.

The Compass test is given often, by many different schools and testing centers. When you are ready to take the test, just contact the admissions department of the school that you want to attend. They can probably schedule you to take the test within a few weeks.

Compass Exam

“ACT Compass is an untimed, computerized test that helps your college evaluate your skills and place you into appropriate courses. Compass offers tests in reading, writing, math, writing essay, and English as a Second Language (ESL). You will receive your Compass test results immediately upon completion of testing, and your score report will include placement messages informing you what courses you should take and how to register.” -ACT Compass Website

Warning about For-Profit Schools

 For-profit schools are those schools that profit off of your student fees. They are way more expensive and not as dependable as state colleges and universities, such as NTCC. This brief video explains a little about how these schools work.

Nightline from ABC NewsFor-Profit Education Investigation [<8 mins.]

Program Choices

You will have a variety of education choices. Think about which program you want to enroll into by exploring what's available to you. Here are some options that you may find appealing:

Northshore Technical Community College, or NTCC, is of course the most obvious choice, since you are already familiar with the school. Also, there are many campuses in Florida Parishes area. Please explore their registration guidelines for more information about enrolling. You can also request information about enrolling here.


Another great option is the Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana, or CALL. This site has a list of Louisiana colleges that have totally online degrees. They are legitimate, quality online degrees, so you don't have to worry. You can even get credit for stuff you already know! Here is a list of their programs.

Always explore your options.