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Adult Education: After the Exam

A guide for students and instructors with the Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC) adult education preparation and testing program.

Need your diploma or scores?

Free Online Classes

There are now a large variety of massive open online courses ("MOOCs"). These are free, anyone can join them, have sometimes thousands of people in them, and are very engaging and fun. But, for the time being, they do not offer college credit. You can take these classes for several reasons:

  1. They can help you get familiar with topics that you plan to study in school, 
  2.  can give you some priceless job skills, or 
  3.  they can get you more familiar with the online learning environment.

These are the most popular MOOCs:

There are more and more organizations and universities creating these courses. You can either do a search online for "MOOC and [the topic that you are interested in]" or just browse the link below, which is a list of MOOCs.

MOOC List.

You passed! ... Now what?

Congratulations!! Now that you are a high school graduate, you may be qualified to obtain low interest student loans, grants, or other kinds of funding for college or job training. You will have a few different choices to make, each with a slightly different road. Please explore the choices here, to see what must be done to accomplish it.

  1. Community and Technical Colleges
  2. Universities
  3. Getting a new job

Paying for School

School can be expensive, but there may be help for you. Explore the resources listed here to see if you may qualify for aid.

If you did NOT pass...

... do not give up!

This is so important that you cannot, will not fail.

Just try again. Keep attending classes and use some of the listed study materials. They are free to use and helpful. Try to spend time on your weaker areas, even though it's not the most fun. You can do it.