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Adult Education: Study Material

A guide for students and instructors with the Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC) adult education preparation and testing program.

Study Apps

These are just a few of the available study apps for mobile devices. These are listed here because they are free or low-priced, and all have good (or no negative) reviews.


GED Test by Quizworld (for Android) FREE


GED Flashcards by Van Anh Ta (for Apple) $4.99

GED by Your Teacher (for Apple) $9.99

This one costs a little bit higher, but its reviews were very good.


GED Exam by Daquan Henry (for Apple) $1.99

Online Learning Resources

These are free, online resources for anyone to use. If you use these, you are almost certain to score high on the GED or any other test that you have to take.

Local Libraries

In addition to the NTCC libraries, local public libraries are great sources of assistance for GED study materials. Like the online resources listed to the left, there are print books to use while there or to borrow. They also have great spaces to meet with classmates to study together.